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    CrossFit is about life.

    March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016

CrossFit is about life.

Most people around the world are aware of the growing obesity problem. Most people around the world are also aware of laziness becoming more and more common throughout the generations.  Media and first hand exposure of these problems are everywhere – online, commercials, films, at the grocery store, in the workplace, etc. However, how to change this is not as accessible.  But, why?

Nikol Burton CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Nikol Burton CrossFit Coach in Tbilisi, Georgia

People know exercise and eating well are good for their health.  People know both will extend their lives and can reduce health risks as they age. However, what I have found while working in the health industry:

  1. People don’t look at themselves positively enough to believe that they be can be healthy.
  2. People have created unsupportive nutrition habits that are very hard to change.

I found CrossFit ten years ago in Aromas, California.  In the ten years, my attitude on fitness, nutrition, daily activities, and how to grow “old” have changed a fair bit.  I began my journey as a single mom with some athletic exposure, many culturally defined nutrition habits, and a huge weight of heavy self pity.  I could not have imagined how my journey to regain myself could have ever lead me towards where I am today. So, what is it about CrossFit?

Since, 2009 I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of people throughout the growth of the CrossFit community in Europe (and now Georgia), each on their own personal journeys toward personal greatness.  It seems crazy, but when one starts CrossFit, most aspects of their life quickly become about CrossFit. Do not mistake this as an unhealthy obsession. The CrossFit brand has created the ultimate healer – fitness, health, and community –  it’s powerful. It gives one the opportunity to learn and understand how their daily lives affect their whole body. It allows one to regain complete control of themselves. It’s not overnight, nor the simple action of taking some magical pill… it’s hard work, dedication, and a community of support that gets you there.

A large percentage of the world knows about the CrossFit phenomenon and though it is just beginning in Tbilisi, Georgia… people think they know what it is, but really they don’t know what it is.  Some think it’s a circuit of random moments strung together to create a workout. Others think its a group of ridiculously fit people coming together to do long gruelling workouts.

However, CrossFit (as I know it) is nothing like this.  It takes all the aspects of a healthy body and uses fitness to make our health optimal.  CrossFit is designed to work for everyone. No one is too weak, unable, or must lose weight before they do CrossFit.  All you need is a well trained certified CrossFit coach whose goal is to provide a safe strength and conditioning program that has your ultimate health and fitness as a priority.  It doesn’t matter what level, weight, age, or gender you are… just the desire to live well, live fit, and have a whole lot of fun while doing it.


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