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March 22, 2016

CrossFit is about life.

Most people around the world are aware of the growing obesity problem. Most people around the world are also aware of laziness becoming more and more common throughout the generations.  Media and first hand exposure of these problems are everywhere – online, commercials, films, at the grocery store, in the workplace, etc. However, how to change this is not as accessible.  But, why?

Nikol Burton CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Nikol Burton CrossFit Coach in Tbilisi, Georgia

People know exercise and eating well are good for their health.  People know both will extend their lives and can reduce health risks as they age. However, what I have found while working in the health industry:

  1. People don’t look at themselves positively enough to believe that they be can be healthy.
  2. People have created unsupportive nutrition habits that are very hard to change.

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